War on drugs,or?!

Why is there a war on drugs?

Are they are afraid of the people

They might see the thruth and therefore the lies.

They might see what is important in life.

Those in power have done a lot off kiling so the people do not use those beautifull gifts of god,life.

They burned wiches, killed native americans wich used peyote and other halugenics.

Killed whole nations with nature religions.

Put them in camps to be a exterminated.

And nowadays it is simply illegal.

  Why are halucingens sacred: 

The effects consist of profound psychic alterations in the experience of reality. Not only is perception of the outside world affected , but perception of the subject's own personality is also transformed. The changes in sensory experience of the outside world are due to a shift in sensitivity of the sens organs. Sensory perception,particularly with regard to vision and hearing, is stimulated by halucinogens. These changes in self-awareness indicate the profound influence of the drugs,which affect the very core of our being: consciousness.

Our experience of reality is incomprehensible without a subject, an ego, which perceives this reality. The subjective experience of so-called objective reality is the result of interactions between external sensory signals, mediated by the sense organs,and the ego,which brings this information to the level of conscious awareness


(Ergot a funges disease of grasses and sedges.the greeks loved the halugenic power of the funges. Also a lot of death because of funges in bread.)


In this situation , one can think of the external world as a sender of information or signals and the deep self as a reveiver. The translator in this case is the ego. In the absence of one of these- either the sender or reciever-reality does not exist. There is no music on the radio,and the screen is blank. If we adhere to this concept of reality as the product of the interaction between sender and reciever, the perception of a different reality under the influance of hallucinogens may be explained by the fact that the brain , which is the site of consciosness, undergoes dramatic biochemical changes. the reciever is thus set for wave lengths other than those associated with normal,everyday reality. 

From this perspective, the subjective experience of reality is infinite, depending on the capacity of the reciever wich can be greatly changed through biochemical modification of the brain field.

In general we experience life from a rather limited point of view. This is the so-calld normal state. However , through hallucinogens the perception of reality can be strongly changed and expanded. These different aspects of levels of one and the same reality are not mutually exclusive. they form an all-encompassing,timeless,transcendental reality.

The possibility of changing the wave length setting on the "ego reciever",and,with this, to produce changes in the awareness of reallity, constitutes the real significance of hallucinogens. This ability to create new and different images of the world is why hallucinogenic plants were, and still are, regarded as sacred.

 What is the essential ,characteristic difference between everyday reality and the images seen during hallunogenic inebriation? In normal states of consciousness- in everyday reality- ego and outside world are separated; one stands face to face with the outside world; it has become an object. Under the influence of hallucinogens, the borderline between the experiening ego and the outside world disappears or becomes blurred, depending on the degree of inhebriation. A feedback mechanism is set up between reciever and sender. Part of the ego reaches out to the external world, into the objects around us; they begin to come to life,acquiring a deeper and different meaning. This may be a joyful experience or a demonic one, involving the loss of the trusted ego. The new ego feels linked in bliss with outside objects i a special way and also with other human beings. The experience of deep communication with the outside world may even culminate in the sensation of being at one with the whole of creation.

This state of cosmic consciousness wich under favorable circumstances may be attained with halucinogens, is related to the spontaneous religious ecstasy known as the unio mystica or, in the experience of eastern religious life, a samadhi or satori. In both of these states, a reality is experienced which is illuminated by that trancendental reality in wich creation and ego, sender and reciever , are one.


And that my dear friends is where we find and see god,life itself.


Nectar of delight or cannabis sativa. India believes it comes from the gods. 

Amanita or fly agaric. The other name :" mainstay of the heavens".

Those words say enough. 

 the sacred Peyot. The conquerors decided different and called it satanic and killed some people.  

deadly nightshade, hexing herb. Also know by the greek oracles.

miljons were killed because they were a witch in and outside europe.