The dutch army needs your children!!!

The dutch army has opened websites to recruit young child soldiers from the age of 11 years old.

Your little children are indoctrinated by the army. They act as if war is a good thing. And make it look like a game for the young ones.You can play missions (unrealistic) you can win things and earn points by completing missions and by subscribing other little children. Want to chack it out? Below my account i made for you to use.

They forget to tell them that they will be shot at and will have to kill for all the wrong reasons (money).

And they forgett to tell you about the trauma afterwards and the seriousness of war(and inpact).

And last but not least they dont tell you there is no real career possible in the army. You serve 3 years and you have to go back in society. (except special branches who can serve up to 8 years or so,like docters).

I made an account so you can look for yourself

Username : erickvandijk

password  : everybody


Please watch my respond video oldie rage against the machine

i say fuck you i wont do what you tell me