In the netherlands its not possible to get a id without biometric signature

and also tfingerprints are mandatory. 

Movie 1 is about this problem. Experts show what is wrong with the whole idea.

also shows shows an expert in biometrec science and how he falcifies peoples id's. 

movie 2  shows in english how easy it is to reproduce (cheap) and use a fingerprint. 

movie 3 about the need for privacy

movie 4 Dutch CQC tv show shows us how to get fingerprints from politicians and actors.(fun)

Movie 5 "song" called " show me your id" (fun, dutch)



Only movie 2 and 3 are for english vieuwers. movie 2 is in english and movie 3  with english subtitles


Veel over privacy en rechten voor de mens op


Meer over belang privacy

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